Voice Over Work

Welcome Sports Fans. I appreciate you taking your time to visit my site and see the work I have currently done in such a short amount of time. There are plenty of ways to see what I have done to this date.

As many know, I am a sports minded guy and will talk about sports at any given moment during the day. I have experienced several new aspects attending COLORADO MEDIA SCHOOL. I have learned how to be able to record my voice and create an AUDIO DEMO. I have recently been shown a lot on how movies are edited and the time it takes. Please check out my VIDEO DEMO. Give me some feedback once you have viewed my short video.  After listening and viewing both of my demos, please take a look at my PHOTO GALLERY and let me show you everything about what I do while I am at school.

Lastly, as I have said before, my main focus is to become on air talent in the sports world. My show runs weekly from 11-12 on GOMILEHIGH.COM and also from 12-2 on MILEHIGHUNDERGROUND.COM.